The Launcher Wins in Moe

Well what a win by The Launcher and Congratulations to all involved !

He has certainly has plenty to learn , but glad to see he has a good motor which allowed him to put away his maiden today . Jamie commented post-race that he seemed like he was at his first day at school, just class carried him a long way today.

He looks like a colt that should improve with racing and also with a pre under his belt , as if you look closely in the video I sent through he doesn’t hold a great deal of condition , so hopefully we can see him race a few more times before he gets turned out for a spell !

As long as he pulls up well we can aim for a little bit better race and may even head into the city for a race, being mindful he is still mentally immature !

Well done guys again and we should have quite a bit of fun with this guy !!